Ambassador HUANG Huikang, Member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations, Visits HENU


          On October 21st, SUN Junjian, HENU Party committee member and vice president, met with Ambassador HUANG Huikang, member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations, in the reception room of HENU School of Law.

          SUN Junjian warmly welcomed HUANG Huikang. He said that HUANG Huikang’s lecture series will be an academic feast of international vision, strategy, peace and development, which will certainly bring profound enlightenment to the faculty and students of HENU School of Law on international law, situation and China’s diplomatic cause. SUN Junjian said that HENU School of Law has a distinctive feature of the national law research of countries along the Belt and Road. Combined with the professional expertise of ambassador HUANG, it will provide strong legal protection for Henan Province and domestic enterprises to go abroad.

          HUANG Huikang talked about his own experience and understanding of the current international situation, international law and China’s diplomatic cause. He hoped that teachers and students of HENU School of Law could seize the historical opportunity, deeply understand and learn general secretary XI Jinping’s international law and diplomatic thoughts, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of talents and discipline.